SEO Guide

This is a quick guide to seo for local businesses with the hope of helping people learn how to rank their websites the right way in google. This is by no means a guide that is suppose to go in depth, that will come later. This post is intended for those who are completely new to search engine optimization and getting into Google, Bing, and Yahoo and want to understand the basics.


First, you will want to review Googles Quality Guidelines.

Be sure to follow them to a T. This means do not scrape content. Do not pay people for links. Do not spam the internet with useless or re-hashed content.

If you want your business or website to perform well in the search engines, provide quality content to the users. Make their experience easy and enjoyable.


Social Presence

Be sure to obtain a social presence online. Create some social profiles like Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, etc. Share your great content in those groups of social lovers. This will get you natural traffic and a great following and lead to other people talking about your site. When people start talking about your site, you will naturally look great to the search engines and they will want to help you get found.


Optimize Meta

Help the search engines understand your site by giving it meta data. Be sure to use H1 tags, meta keywords, tags, and meta descriptions. This helps Google and other search engines understand what your site is about and will help them better show your site/business to interested searchers and users.


Local Citations

Last but not least for today, be sure to create a listing in Google my business, yelp, yellow pages etc. if you are a local business to help people find you.


Hope you enjoyed, more coming soon!